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Written By: Dana Huff

You’re wondering why a grown woman in her thirties with three children, two stepchildren, a demanding full-time job, and a house to clean is bothering with a Harry Potter site. I don’t blame you. And it not as if there are not plenty of Harry Potter sites, many of them constantly updated by a cadre of writers, some of whom have personal relationships with J. K. Rowling. I don’t blame you for your skepticism. It is well placed.

Some time ago, I asked the folks at Mugglenet if I could write a column about the literary and historical references and allusions in Harry Potter. They agreed. I submitted my first column. We got stuck trying to think of a name for the column, and I haven’t heard anything since. I decided to drop it, because I don’t want to be bound by a schedule, but I still want to share my thoughts about Harry Potter—hence, this blog was born. My interests lie in the academic or scholarly end of things. Under the archives, you will discover that I used to regularly publish a Harry Potter carnival until it became too cumbersome.

Along the top of this site, you have no doubt noticed a short navigation bar, as you likely landed on this page as a result of clicking the About link. The Methadone List next to the About link is a list of books that I think Harry Potter fans might like. In the sidebar on the right, you will find a search box and links to my previous posts by category, archives, and tag. I have not been using tags very long, so it is possible you will not find all the posts on a certain subject under tags, but you will find the most recent posts.

Please enjoy yourself, and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me.

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