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Written By: Dana - Jul• 19•05

Obviously, with the release of a new book, JKR is all over the news. Links in this post may contain SPOILERS, so you were warned not to go following them if you haven’t finished HPB (speaking of which, my husband hasn’t, and he needs to get off the stick so we can talk about it — and he kept saying he’d have to wait for me to finish).

I watched Katie Couric’s interview with Rowling on Dateline, but I missed the repeat on The Today Show, which had children’s questions for Rowling. Not to worry — I was able to watch a high-quality video here, although I will warn any Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, etc. users that Internet Explorer is required (grumbles silently to herself about how IE sucks). It was good. The kids’ questions made me tear up a little.

You can also read JKR’s answers to questions from children at CBBC Newsround, which I thought was a highly intriguing interview. I think she slipped up a bit and gave something away. I’m not going to say what, but if you read it and want to know, you can contact me via e-mail and ask me.

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