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Wrackspurt Got You?

Written By: Dana Huff - Jul• 17•09

If there is one single mythical creature Luna Lovegood refers to, or for that matter in the HP universe, that I’m tempted to believe in, it’s the Wrackspurt. Luna defines the Wrackspurt thusly:

They’re invisible. They float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy. (HBP 140)

In the HBP film, Luna can see Wrackspurts with her Spectrespecs, a fun addition, although not one that seems to support JKR’s canon.

We have probably all experienced the feeling Luna describes at some time or another. I found this guide to Wrackspurts in Mugglenet’s fanfiction area, and I thought it was fun. One has to wonder what the updated edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them looks like after Luna Lovegood joined the Scamander family. Would her husband possibly have included any of Luna’s mythical animals?

P. S. I am tentatively opening comments on this blog again, but comments on all posts prior to this month (7/2009), are still closed and will remain so.

Well, that experiment didn’t last long. For some reason, folks are just not able to leave civil comments at this blog, and it puzzles me because I don’t get uncivil comments at my other blogs. I hate to think HP fans are just kind of jerks.

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