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Updates and Thoughts on JKR’s Case Against RDR

Written By: Dana Huff - May• 13•08

It has been quite some time since I updated this blog.  Partly it’s the time of year.  As a teacher, I find spring taxing.  That said, I am finding the Harry Potter Carnival difficult to maintain.  I rarely received submissions, and those I did receive often made it patently obvious that submitters were looking for links to their blog rather than really trying to share information with HP fans.  It was a lot a work.  It was a labor of love.  I always told myself I would stop doing it if it began to be a chore, and after DH came out, I’m afraid that’s what it became.  I am putting it on hiatus indefinitely.  I am not willing to hand the carnival over to someone else.  I did that with another carnival I ran, and they never did a thing with it.  Technically speaking, the carnival probably belongs to Blogcarnival, as that is where I created it.  However, I created it and have been alone in throwing it together and almost alone in finding links to share.  So it is on indefinite hiatus, as I said.

I do have some thoughts on the case JKR brought against RDR books, a company that was set to publish the HPL with Steve Vander Ark.  A lot of the press who only started following the case when the trial started gave JKR a hard time.  They insinuated that she was being greedy.  In my opinion, she was being protective of her rights.  JKR has been generous to her fans.  She has allows fanfiction, fansites, and all kinds of fanart.  To me, any doubt as to whether or not Mr. Vander Ark was in the right was erased when TLC severed their ties with HPL.  Mr. Vander Ark did not seem to be able to hear the opposition, and to be honest, I think that’s because so many fans were so nasty.  I wouldn’t want to hear it either.  But there were some voices of reason he didn’t listen to, either.  I feel sad that a man who has done so much for the HP fan community feels cast out.  Vander Ark has been silent about the case over the last few months, and perhaps that’s for the best.  I wish him well, but I agree with Jo on this one.  She would have been within her rights to put a stop to a lot of what goes on in the HP fandom, but she has been remarkably supportive.  I think she was right to pursue the case.  TLC has a good summary of the case.

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