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Harry Potter Carnival #60

Written By: Dana Huff - Feb• 16•08

Welcome to the 60th Harry Potter Carnival! As promised, this month our focus is Harry Potter: TNG.  Star Trek fans will get that.
I received no submissions related to Harry Potter at all this month (and for that reason, I’ll post my own theories about HPTNG soonish); the four submissions I received could best be categorized as spam.  It’s a pity that people bother with that sort of thing.  For one thing, because of all the spam, off-topic submissions, and submissions for material that has been submitted to the carnival before, I have to remind submitters of criteria for acceptance. It really bothers me that I feel obligated to post this reminder each month, but every month I receive submissions that are not suitable.  I’m not picky.  I just have three basic rules:

  1. Blog posts submitted to the carnival need to be made within the last month (between the last carnival and the current one).
  2. Submissions must not previously have appeared in the carnival.  I would like to provide carnival guests with recent information and news when I can; therefore, please check to see if news has already been posted in a carnival before submitting it to the next carnival.
  3. The information must be related to Harry Potter.

The best way to be published in the carnival is to be an active reader of it — advice which is true of any other publication.

J.K. Rowling

Beyond Hogwarts compiles some information JKR shared about the fates of her characters following DH.

Fan Art

This month’s featured artist is Frizzy Hermione, who submitted this work to Argentinian site Amortentia Multimedia:

Albus Severus…

You can view the submission and more details here.

Theories and Speculation

DH hints that Albus Severus could end up in either Gryffindor or Slytherin.  Which one do you think he ended up in?  Folks at Mugglenet’s CoS Forums speculated.  I think a lot of fans wanted him to be in Slytherin, but truthfully does he exhibit any characteristics that would make sorting him into Syltherin plausible?  We know already that James is a Gryffindor.  What about Victoire?  I am thinking either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.  Teddy Lupin, I think, was probably a Gryffindor like his father; however, it’s worth noting his mother was a Hufflepuff, so who knows?  Scorpius Malfoy most likely wound up in Slytherin.  I’m betting Rose Weasley will be a Gryffindor, too.  The Scamander twins I see in Ravenclaw like their mother.  You can look for my thoughts on this issue some time soon, but until then, let’s speculate: where do you think HPTNG ended up?

Hermione’s Library

If you want to mine DH’s Epilogue for clues about the fates HPTNG, you might find HPL’s reader’s guide handy.

Random Fandom

If you want to display your appreciation for HPTNG characters on your Web site, you can join the following Fanlistings:

No individual Fanlistings exist for any of TNG Weasleys.  If you’re interested, why not propose them?

Just for Fun

While not strictly related to HPTNG, this site is kind of interesting.  Translate anything into Parseltongue.  I know Harry received this gift from the bit of Voldemort’s soul that resided in him, according to JKR, but I wonder if any of his children can speak Parseltongue.  If any of them can, my bet is on Albus Severus.

Thanks to everyone for the submissions! To submit Potterica for the next carnival, use my carnival submission form. Please note the category for which it should be considered. Deadline is 10:00 P.M. Friday, March 14. The next HP carnival will appear Saturday, March 15. Please be careful to read past carnivals before you submit articles to be sure you are not submitting material that has already been included. Also, keep in mind this is a carnival for HP fans, and your posts must be directed toward that audience.

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