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Written By: Dana Huff - Dec• 22•05

This blog is growing a little stagnant. Infrequent updates result from not really having much to say that others don’t say just as well, if not better. I don’t want to discontinue this blog, but I have decided to enhance it by hosting a Harry Potter Carnival here.

If you have not seen a blog carnival before, let me briefly explain what a carnival is. A carnival is a community of people who submit posts related to a certain topic or theme. The carnival is usually hosted at one site. Blog carnivals collect links and articles about a topic or theme in one post. For carnival visitors, blog carnivals can be an excellent way to discover websites. For submitters, they can also be an excellent way to gain exposure for their own websites. I don’t pretend to have the most comprehensive or heavily traveled Harry Potter website, but I think in time, given the right publicity and amount of effort, we (Harry Potter webmasters) can collectively reap the benefit of a Harry Potter carnival.

This carnival is divided into several topics:

  • J.K. Rowling: JKR in the news or updates to her website.
  • Fan Art: Featuring artists or individual pieces of artwork created by fans. Please understand that I want to keep this site child-friendly, therefore I cannot post links to NC-17 art, slash or otherwise.
  • Theories and Speculation: What do you think will happen in Book7? Have a trail of crumbs you want to follow? Did you find an interesting theory?
  • Hermione’s Library: The best reference or scholarly writings on Harry Potter (think of Lexicon and sites of that ilk).
  • Random Fandom: We have conventions and some of us dress up for the movies. We have the whole Star Trek phenomenon starting. What’s going on the HP Fandom? Note: this is not for fanfic links.
  • Just for Fun: Did you find something HP-related that was silly or funny? Submit it for “Just for Fun.”

So without further ado, take a stroll down the midway and peruse this week in Potteriana.

J.K. Rowling

Monsters and Critics reports that UK tabloid The Daily Mirror violated JKR’s privacy when it published photos of her house and named her street.

Fan Art

Marta has posted a picture of the entire Potterverse. She asks that you save the picture to your computer if you think you might be looking at it more than once, as she is trying to conserve bandwidth. I hesitate to send her more traffic for that reason, but the picture is incredible. Please be sure to leave her a donation so she can pay for her bandwidth costs. Click on the picture below to view it in a larger size.

Map of Images
Map Key

Theories and Speculation

Dawson Smith looks at the struggle between Voldemort and Dumbledore as a chess match.

Hermione’s Library

Mugglenet has a new Wizarding History of Time in their Encyclopedia. Excerpt: 1163:Puddlemere United, the oldest remaining Quidditch team, was founded. Bonus points if you can remember which Hogwarts alumnus and friend of Harry’s played for Puddlemere United upon graduation.

Random Fandom

The National Library in Sofia, Bulgaria is exhibiting Harry Potter fan works. Do you suppose Viktor Krum appears in any of it?

Just for Fun

Two for one in fan art this week, but I just can’t get enough of Makani’s silly art. Her most recent, festive addition:

To submit Potterica for next week’s carnival, e-mail dana @ with the subject line HP Carnival. Please include a link to the item and the category for which it should be considered. Deadline is 10:00 P.M. each Friday.

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